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Covering 17 industries in 160 countries, the PeopleTicker is your Procurement and Supply Chain solution to right-pricing contingent labor.

PeopleTicker enables you to incorporate real-time contingent market intelligence data to win the talent management war while controlling staffing agency fees.

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Your Job Library is the key to right-pricing.

You have noticed that Staffing Suppliers do not publish pricing on their web sites.
This fact challenges Procurement when trying to understand staffing agency rates for contingent labor. Staffing Suppliers provide different bill rates per customer.

Your Job Library gives you access to the Gig economy and all of its components including Pay Rates (what the worker earns), Markups (the mysterious collection of taxes, fees, and profit of the supplier), and Bill Rates (what you pay).

By adding jobs to your Job Library you take back control and can begin to manage your contingent labor and staffing agency costs.

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Take control of your contingent labor Markups.

Buyers and Sellers of contingent labor both recognize the importance of the "markup". Between what the resource gets paid and what your company gets billed is a markup that defines taxes, pass-through costs, and supplier profit.

The PeopleTicker supports best-practices by helping your organization research and define Markups that are appropriate for type of labor, location and volume of supplier business.

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Global Locations and Industries available.

Your PeopleTicker Job Library provides continual access to today's market wages in 160 countries. Compare labor analytics across all the geographies across 16 industries relevant to your company. Emerging skills, industries, and locations are all available through your Job Library.

By adding jobs to your Job Library you are prepared to examine any role in any location across 16 industries.

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Be prepared for contract-to-hire conversions.

Many organizations struggle when converting contractors to employees utilizing contract-to-hire sourcing methods. This is due to the challenge of understanding the difference between how contractors and emplolyees are compensated. The PeopleTicker provides the right data to understand contractor bill rates, markups, and pay rates as well as current market salaries.

By adding jobs to your Job Library you are prepared for workforce modeling and strategic hiring processes.

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Always be ready with your ticking Market Rate cards.

PeopleTicker market data is updated monthly ensuring you have access to today's rate fluctuations with your ticking market rate cards. Always ticking, there is never a need to duplicate research as trends an fluctuations are captured and reported every month. Can't wait for next month? You can pull the newest data into your rate cards at any time.

By adding jobs to your Job Library you will be constantly updated with market fluctuations for your total workforce.

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